Roughing it on the Peak... with Fanny Hill

FANNY HILL, currently on a world tour, has arrived in Hongkong.

In fact, a Swedish film, titled Around The World With Fanny Hill, is currently being shot here.

But before you start licking your lips in anticipation, a word of caution:

The film has nothing to do with the book.

British actress Shirley Corrigan from the London Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, plays Fanny Hill (no connection with Cleland's notorious lady of ill-repute) in this production of a bored and bourgeois Swedish housewife who leaves her husband for a spin round such glamourous cities as Stockholm, Munich, Venice, and Los Angeles.

Somewhere along these rovings, she meets up with a crazy director played by Swedish actor Bo Brundin.

Together they decide to come to the Pearl of the Orient to make a film.

Local sequences invoke, among others, a madcap adventure at the Tiger Balm Gardens and a fantasy duel-to-the-death scene on the Peak.

Despite its somewhat misleading title, Miss Corrigan rightly assures us that there's nothing pornographic about this film.

"I would never do anything like that," the leggy blond says vehemently."

"Of course there are seduction scenes, but these are just for laughs and I'm absolutely never making love with any person in the film."

"In fact, this is just a very funny slapstick comedy that the whole family can go and see."

"There are also certain intellectual merits to the plot which is based on the stories of some very fine writers - Chekhov, Maupassant and du Maurier, for instance."

Around The World With Fanny Hill is directed by Sweden's Mac Ahlberg, who was lngmar Berman's one-time right-hand man, and now has films like I, A Woman and Mein Kampf to his credit.

China Mail, Wednesday March 14, 1973